Our interesting paddle boarding and kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Paddle Boarding Scandinavia

We traveled eight weeks through Norway, Sweden and Finland with our Campervan and of course we took our Bluefin Sups with us. The northern part of Europe is perfect to go out for supping or kayaking with your boards so that's why we have decided to give you our suggestions for paddle boarding and kayaking spots in Scandinavia.

Paddle boarding and Kayaking Spots in Scandinavia

Man on paddle board Scandinavia

Norway – Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord  in Europe at the same time. He has a lot of arms, that leave the fjord and one of them is the Aurlandsfjord. This one is beautiful as well. We decided to SUP on the Aurlandsfjord  first and then go over to the Sognefjord. Both fjords had a lot of small spawn next to the water. So it was pretty easy to get into the water. Also both fjords are not to busy, sometimes you see a cruise ship in the distance, but you don’t have to worry about it, nothing will happen to you. Maybe some little waves will catch you, but this is fun. The next big thing here is, that you have the chance to see some  porpoises. We saw a pack of them and they were really close to us, just 10 or 15 metres away. So this is why the Sognefjord is our favourite SUP Spot and very special to us. You can wild camp directly next to the Sognefjord and have a nice dinner and a glass of wine after your kayak session.

Sweden - Lomma Beach

Lomma Beach, located just northwest of Malmö, is a popular spot for water sports, including SUP. The shallow waters and sandy beach make it an ideal location for beginners and families.

Norway – Lovatnet

The lovatnet lake is a glacier lake and very cold but crystal clear. In the summertime at hot days you actually don’t need a wetsuit.  On a warm and sunny day, there is no better lake than this one to cool down. You can enjoy this insane scenery from your board and have a dip, if you want to refresh. Around that lake is a small dyke, from where you can slide in very easy an quick. The landscape is awesome and you can really enjoy the peace of this place.

Two people Paddle Boarding in Scandinavia
Baddle boarding in Scandinavia

Sweden – Vänern

The Vänern lake is the biggest lake of Sweden and one of the biggest in Europe – such a beautiful and charming lake. A perfect  spot to hang out and chill with your boards. There is a little beach located next to the lake , where you have the perfect possibility to slide in with your board or sun bath afterwards. But if it is very windy, expect some big waves.

Finland – Yli Kitka

It is a lake in the north of Finland close to the lappish part of Finland. This lake gets water from the white ocean next to Russia. It is a very nice lake surrounded by a lot of pines. But there are several beautiful lakes  in Finland. You could stop every half an hour at the next beautiful lake and get on your board for the next awesome outing. In the summer time you have a lot of beautiful sunsets over there but also a lot mosquitos. So don’t forget your mosquito spray. You don‘t have to share this beautiful location with anyone else. Mostly you can enjoy this beautiful nature by your own. You can camp next to the lake and have a little campfire in the woods. 

Norway, Sweden and Finland offer a lot of beautiful lakes and fjords to enjoy a peaceful or adventurous outing with your boards. You even get the chance to spot porpoise. It is the perfect holiday trip to go out with your Bluefin Sup boards.

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