What's the difference between Inflatable SUP and Solid SUP?

Inflatable SUP Pros and Cons

Here at Bluefin we often get asked which stand up paddle board is better – inflatable SUP or solid? They are both great fun, but since most people can't afford to have both... We thought it would be useful to weight up the pros and cons!

Inflatable vs. Solid SUP: Understanding the Differences

Inflatable SUPs

Let's start with inflatable SUPs… the most important benefit is how easy they are to carry and store! You can easily fold them when deflated into your luggage and are often lighter than solid boards, therefore you are able to travel with them virtually anywhere! No more struggling to carry heavy boards down to the water, just roll your iSUP into its bag and head for the waves! Inflatable SUPs are also extremely easy to store away.

Solid SUPs are massive! They take up large amounts of room in your house. An inflatable SUP, like our Bluefin SUPs, can be deflated and placed on a shelf!

Looking at inflatable SUPs when they are deflated may cause you to wonder how they can be used to ride the waves, but you will be amazed at how rigid they are when inflated. They are very durable - on impact with rocks, they will not get damaged or cracked. If you do get a small puncture it is a lot easier and cheaper to fix than damage to a solid board. Inflatable SUPs have a softer surface than hard boards, so are better for activities such as yoga – they are also great for taking your dog!

Folding Inflatable SUP
Two Inflatable SUPS on the Beach

Solid SUPs

Although there are many advantages to inflatable SUPs, there are also benefits to owning a solid board too! Solid SUPs are built for speed and are therefore perfect for trying out your surfing skills! You can easily manoeuvre through the high waves and put on a show for the people on the beach! Inflatable SUPs can be used in many ways while surfing. From riding the waves to racing, they have the advantage of agility that an expert surfer will find very useful.

Solid SUPs are heavy, you may struggle carrying them to and from the water. But, you do save time on inflating!

Solid SUPs are less prone to punctures or damage from sharp objects, making them suitable for rocky shores or shallow waters.

Both inflatable and solid SUPs offer unique advantages and cater to different preferences and needs. Inflatable SUPs excel in terms of portability, storage convenience, and versatility, making them ideal for travellers, adventurers, and those with limited storage space. On the other hand, solid SUPs provide exceptional stability, performance, and durability, offering a traditional and reliable option for paddlers who prioritize rigidity and responsive handling. Whether you opt for the portability of an inflatable SUP or the solid construction of a traditional board, both choices promise endless opportunities for exploration, enjoyment, and growth on the water. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual preferences, paddling style, and intended use.

Here at Bluefin, we believe all variations of SUPs have their own advantages, but inflatables definitely win us over! They are the perfect all-around board. Inflatable SUPs are excellent for travelling to take part in touring, fishing, fitness, yoga and so much more! Check out our boards here!

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