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Paddle boarding in winter - How to store your SUP

How To Store Your SUP


As the temperature drops you may find that your SUP is spending less and less time on the water. We recommend giving paddle boarding in winter a try before you put your board away for the season. To do this in a way that you will want to repeat, you’ll need to invest in some extra gear to keep you toasty, safe and warm. You can check out our post on Cold Weather Water sports for more detail.

If you know you definitely won’t be using your iSUP for a while you may as well stow it away. The storage factor is one of the biggest advantages of an inflatable board after all.


There are a few ways you can store your SUP to ensure its longevity.  If you take care of your board, it’ll last a lifetime so it’s worth taking a few minutes to put it away properly.

Don’t store your board outside – Storing your board outside will leave it susceptible to the elements. Prolonged exposure to the sun when not in use is needless wear and tear on your board. Put it in it’s bag, under your bed or rolled up in the closet. Treat it with the same care and attention you would any other sporting gear you care about.

Store it someplace clean – Leave your SUP in a clean spot free of dirt, sand or anything abrasive.  Don’t rest a load of stuff on top of it because this may cause damage if it shifts around.

Keep your board DRY and moisture free – A SUP is an investment and if you take care of it, the return of interest will be high. The greatest danger to your SUP aside from abrasion is internal moisture. To keep moisture out of your board, do not store it in damp spaces. If you must, be sure to bag it up in something water tight.

Clean it first – Before putting your SUP away, spray it down with fresh water and allow it to dry. Don’t put it away salty or dirty as this will add unnecessary wear to your board’s surface.

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There are 3 basic ways to store your SUP, each has its own advantages as we’ll explain. This will give a new approach to your paddle boarding in Winter. 

  1. SUP Burrito – The SUP burrito involves rolling your deflated board up like….a burrito.  Before you start ensure that all air has been squeezed out of your SUP. Use the same technique you would with an air mattress, roll and smooth section by section. Once your board is in a tight little roll, slip it into wherever it will make its winter hovel.
  2. Bag it – Your SUP probably came with a nifty carry case of some kind. Use the same roll and smooth technique as above to ensure the board is fully deflated.  Be as thorough as you can because the smaller you can make the board, the easier it will be to zip into its bag.
  3. Semi Inflated – If you’ve got the space there is no reason not to store you iSUP inflated. We do recommend you let some air out to lower the PSI slightly.  There is no gain from leaving the SUP inflated to full pressure for months of disuse. Giving the seams a break from time to time will keep your SUP in shape for years to come. This way the next time you go to use your board, you’ll only need to top up the air rather than inflate it from scratch.

Where do you store your SUP? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below.  If you ever need any advice on the care and keeping of your SUP, check out our maintenance and repair guide.

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