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Releash Quick Release Waist Belt

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Designed For Ultimate Safety

Maximum Comfort

Constructed with a robust outer layer of nylon fabric, our neoprene SUP life belt is expertly filled with 10mm foam, ensuring a combination of comfort and insulation for your paddleboarding adventures.

Dual Quick Release

Experience rapid accessibility with our neoprene SUP life belt's quick-release buckle, featuring an easy-grasp pull cord and toggle. Swiftly secure and release your life belt with unparalleled ease.

Utility Pocket

Stay prepared with the mesh utility pocket, designed to securely store all your personal belongings. Stay organized and keep your essentials within easy reach as you navigate the waves.

D-Ring Attachment

The D-ring attachment can be used for the carabiner if you need to tow a fellow paddler.

Padded Neoprene Belt

The nylon padded belt means it is comfortable to wear no matter how long your adventure.

Tow Rope And Carabiner

The extra tow rope and carabiner adds extra security if you ever need a tow on the waves.

Dual Quick Release Buckles

Having double quick release buckles mean they are always accessible if your belt turns during the day.