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Cruise Lite Gamme de paddleboards gonflables

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Taille: 10'
Color: Sunburst-Orange

Everything You Need, From Box To Beach

Dual Action Pump

Enhanced by detachable handle, feet and a smaller design our Swift Mini pump inflates your SUP with every up and down motion. This doubles the speed at which you can prepare for your aquatic adventures. Additionally, our pump features a built-in pressure gauge, ensuring you achieve the perfect inflation level for optimal performance.

SUP Backpack

Our travel-friendly SUP backpack is the perfect companion for adventures on the go. Crafted with durability in mind, it's designed to withstand the rigours of your explorations. With ample storage space, it accommodates your inflatable paddleboard effortlessly, along with all your essentials.

Carbon Fibre Paddle

Our 5-piece advanced travel paddle combines ultra-light materials with an ergonomic design for adventurous spirits. Easy to assemble and fully adjustable between 179-190cm, the quick-release clamp makes setting up and packing down easy. Robust even at a weight of just 995g, the carbon fibre shaft and nylon blade offer durability to those who want to travel farther.

Touring Fin

Crafted for epic tours and multi-day explorations, this US fin maximizes tracking, stability, and paddling efficiency by combining a medium fin length with a swept-back leading edge. Its innovative design ensures optimal performance for extended journeys on the water, providing the reliability and control needed for adventurous excursions.

SUP Repair Kit

This kit is your go-to solution for on-the-go board maintenance and peace of mind on the water. Crafted with precision, it includes everything you need to quickly address minor damages and get back to your adventure. Compact enough to stow away in you're backpack, it ensures you're always prepared for the unexpected.

Board Use

Lightweight All-Round

Premium Lightweight All-Round



Point de chute tissé monocouche

Construction légère en PVC tissé monocouche pour l'agilité, tandis que les longerons en fibre de carbone et en PEHD renforcent sa résistance et empêchent l'affaissement sur l'eau.

Construction en PVC de qualité militaire et deckpad thermostatique en croco-diamant. Dropstitch composite super renforcé et revêtement HQ résistant aux UV.

  • Swift Lite Single Chamber Pump
  • 5-Piece Lightweight Carbon Fibre Paddle
  • US NXT Touring Fin
  • Waterproof PVC Roll Top Bag
  • Ankle Leash
  • Watertight Phone Case
  • Portable repair Kit
  • Swift Lite Single Chamber Pump
  • 5-Piece Lightweight Carbon Fibre Paddle
  • US NXT Touring Fin
  • Waterproof PVC Roll Top Bag
  • Ankle Leash
  • Watertight Phone Case
  • Portable Repair Kit
  • Dual action pump
  • Fibreglass paddle
  • Smartlock fins
  • SUP backpack
  • Inflatable kayak seat 10'8 Legacy Blue only
  • Ankle leash
  • Watertight phone case
  • Portable repair kit
Experience Level

Ideal for beginners

Perfect for beginners and intermediates

Great For Beginners

Board Weight

10" - 7,3kg
11"4 - 8,3 kg

8,6 kg

9'8 - 9,4 kg
10'4 - 10,45kg
10'8 - 11,2 kg
12 - 12,3 kg
15 - 17,15 kg

Package Weight

10" - 10,1kg
11"4 - 11,3 kg

11,6 kg

9'8 - 14,8 kg
10'4 - 16,3 kg
10'8 - 16,5kg
12 - 17,75 kg
15 - 22,5kg

  • 1x action camera mount
  • Reflective D-Ring (not kayak compatible)
  • 3 woven handles
  • Front detachable bungees
  • 1x action camera mount
  • Reflective D-Ring (not kayak compatible)
  • 3 woven handles
  • Front and rear detachable bungees
  • 3x action camera mounts
  • Kayak conversion D-Rings
  • 3x Neoprene handles
  • Front detachable bungees
Fin System

1 US Box Touring Fin

1 US Box Touring Fin

1 large and 2 small Smartlock fins

Loved & Trusted By Thousands

Cherise B.

This thing is really stable

This thing is really stable also. I was able to teach my lab puppy to ride on it with me. Took a little balancing on both our parts, and trust me, we got wet a few times, but it is my first ISUP, so that’s part of the fun learning process. If you are on the fence about getting one of these, I say don’t hesitate. I am very impressed with it so far.

Andres M.

This board was worth it

This board was worth it. Everyone loved it and had so much fun. It was easy to manage on the water and very durable for many different sizes of people. Great inflatable board!


Pleasantly surprised

This was easy to set up. The kids set it up easily and we're out on the water in no time we didn't need to refill it in the 5 days it was used and that is with multiple uses. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised with this purchase. It was also easy to deflate and store back in the bag it came in.

Jamaal C.

I love this SUP!

I love this SUP! A friend of mine had one and I loved the look of it so much that I bought one for myself. It also happens to be incredibly sturdy, super light, and easy to paddle standing up or sitting down, I use it for both. Great investment!


Well worth the money.

The board is lightweight enough I can carry it with no problem. My husband and I are beginners to SUP and this is a great board for open water. Inflates fairly quickly with an electric pump (a must-have) well worth the money.

A. Nylen

Very pleased with the product

I purchased this for my husband and he has just had it a week now but has been out a few times and so far is very pleased with the product.

Shawn R.

I recommend this 100%

This product is wonderful, I and my family use this paddle board quite often and we have no complaints. This paddle board is very stable and easy to carry around. It is wonderful to go out on the lake with this product. I recommend this 100% to everyone.

Francis Laird

Very stable

I’ve taken my board out on the river and lakes. Very stable, so much fun and easy to pack up and go! Love it.

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