1-2 person

Scout Kayak gonflable

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Everything You Need, From Box To Beach

Dual Action Pump

Engineered for ultimate convenience and efficiency, this pump inflates your kayak with every up and down motion, doubling the speed at which you can prepare for your aquatic adventures. Additionally, our pump features a built-in pressure gauge, ensuring you achieve the perfect inflation level for optimal performance.

Kayak Backpack

Our travel-friendly kayak backpack is the perfect companion for adventures on the go. Crafted with durability in mind, it's designed to withstand the rigours of your explorations. With ample storage space, it accommodates your kayak effortlessly. Extra, back, hip and strap padding make for super-comfortable portability.

Fibreglass Paddle

Our lightweight paddle is designed to elevate your kayaking experience. The aluminium shaft and nylon blades cleverly break down into three pieces for easy storage and transport, making it an ideal companion for travellers. Laser-etched hand grips and rubber drip rings allow you maximum grip whilst tackling the waterways. New possibilities unlocked!

Inflatable Kayak Seat

Designed for maximum comfort, our inflatable seat features removable support rods, side wing supports and a soft padded neoprene back for a luxurious ride. Non-tear nylon straps and non-rust clips ensure your comfort will never be compromised. A handy rear mesh pocket keeps essential bits of kit close to hand.

Touring Fin

The Scout features a 'slide-in' nylon touring fin that is compact, simple to use and is held in place with a security clip. Its larger surface area makes it ideal for exploring whilst minimising weight.

<tc>Scout</tc> Kayak gonflable
Scout Kayak gonflable Prix de vente€329,00 Prix normal€479,00
<tc>Ranger</tc> Kayak gonflable
Ranger Kayak gonflable Prix de vente€699,00
<tc>Scout</tc> Kayak gonflable
Scout Kayak gonflable Prix de vente€329,00 Prix normal€479,00
<tc>Ranger</tc> Kayak gonflable
Ranger Kayak gonflable Prix de vente€699,00

1-2 people

2-3 people


Polyester résistant, PVC renforcé avec revêtement HQ résistant aux UV

PVC 3 couches renforcé robuste avec une base dropstitch et un revêtement HQ résistant aux UV

  • Swift Single Chamber Pump
  • Core Kayak Backpack
  • Inflatable Kayak Seat
  • Aluminum Paddle
  • Kayak Touring Fin
  • Watertight Phone Case
  • Swift Single Chamber Pump
  • Core Kayak Backpack
  • 2 Inflatable Kayak Seats
  • 2 Aluminum Paddles
  • 2 Kayak Touring Fins
  • Watertight Phone Case
  • Font and rear bungees
  • Water bottle Holder
  • 4 neoprene handles
  • 1 watertight zipped pocket
  • Rear mesh pocket
  • Font and rear bungees
  • 2 water bottle Holders
  • 4 neoprene handles
  • 2 watertight zipped pocket
  • Action Camera mount
Kayak Weight

11,5 kg

13,1 kg

Package Weight


21,7 kg

Fin System

1 slide-in touring fin

2 slide-in touring fins

Loved & Trusted By Thousands

Steve Davies

Great customer service

I took my new scout kayak for its maiden voyage on the River Dee Chester. Easy to assemble and I was on the river within 10 mins of getting it out of the bag. Great customer service with my order delivered within 2 days of when I ordered it 😊

Henry Hampton

Super impressed!

Super impressed! Easy setup and breakdown. Comes with everything you need to get started. Very sturdy and easy to carry.

Sherri Clark

It is very easy to set up

My husband ordered this kayak thinking it would be more fun if we had two, and he was right! It is very easy to set up. From opening the box to being in the lake took only a few minutes. It's so stable!

Tonie G.

The kayak is superb

As with most manual inflatables, it takes work and time to inflate. The kayak is superb. So easy to carry to the lake.

Elizabeth M.

Highly recommend

A stable, fun, great-performing kayak. Great performance, High-quality accessories and pump, good value and very durable. Highly recommend.

Joy Friesner

This kayak is great

This kayak is great and you would never know it’s inflatable! It’s portable..take it from the lake to the beach in a nice compact included bag. We will be ordering another one!

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