Cruise Carbon Drive Pagayer

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Engineered For Performance

Lightweight Carbon Construction

Crafted for peak performance, these paddles offer an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, providing you with effortless strokes and enhanced maneuverability. The inherent rigidity of carbon fiber ensures optimal energy transfer, resulting in a paddle that's not only lightweight but also incredibly responsive.

Reinforced Nylon Blade

Crafted with reinforced nylon. Enjoy the perfect blend of lightweight agility and unparalleled strength, ensuring efficient strokes and enhanced durability. The reinforced nylon construction guarantees a reliable and resilient paddle, making it your ideal companion for conquering the waters with confidence.

Kayak Compatible Conversion

Open up an ocean of possibilities! The Cruise Drive Paddle quickly and easily converts into a double-sided kayak paddle with our kayak conversion kit, allowing for seated paddling with ease. Experience the water in a whole new way.

Adjustable Height

Adjust the height in a matter of seconds between 175-210cm.

Strong Nylon Blade

Strong, light and flexible, our blades offer durability and efficiency in every stroke.

Lightweight Carbon Shaft

Carbon fibre delivers the perfect blend of durability and performance. Optimised energy transfer, maximum manoeuvrability and minimised drag

Rubberised Grip

Ergonomically designed, our rubberised grips give you maximum control even when wet.